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High class business center "Crystal" deserves not only for its architectural merits, but also unique engineering solutions that allow you to call it the first eco-friendly office of the capital, this "smart home". Automated control systems HVAC, based on the use of heat pumps Lenox (USA), allow you to completely eliminate the use of urban heating and autonomously provide climate regime building.

The space of light

Application facade glass company AGC - «Azur" with an unusual shade creates a unique atmosphere of harmony and a favorable business environment. It should be noted that the glass on the characteristics of thermal conductivity twice brick walls.

Checking and Savings

Business center "Crystal" is equipped with automated control system for power (AMR) and water, which can significantly optimize the cost of maintaining the office and get substantial savings. Saving energy for heating the outside air is 50% .Also in the building of an automated fire extinguishing system.

The heat pumps

In order to maintain the room temperature and the right amount of ventilation, installed ducted air conditioning K1-K45 company Lennox (United States) with the function of the heat pump complete with the recovery section of the PV-1PV-45.Pri ambient temperature - 5 ° C air conditioners running in heat pump mode. At a temperature of -15 ° C - heat pump mode elektrotenah heated (if necessary); at a temperature of -15 ° C and below - the electro work only.

Always fresh and clean air

Condensing units are placed on the platform on the roof of the building.

The air-conditioned room temperature is controlled to ± 2 ° C from normalized. For a more precise temperature control of the room, can be installed zone control.

From toilets and residential premises channel fan air is taken into the mines and ejected above the roof. The other rooms are provided electric heaters.

Opportunity of independent modeling office

Unique engineering solutions, competent planning of the interior on the principle of open space that creates the tenant an opportunity to simulate their office.

Modern Elevator

Clock video surveillance and security

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