joomla Cristall

Performance in Contemporary Urban style

Business center "Crystal" is the only image project in the sector of the real estate business left-bank part of the capital. The author of the project was the architectural studio of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, a member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture of Larissa Pavlovna Skorik, which is considered one of the best architects of Ukraine, as evidenced by such works her studio as the Cathedral of St. Basil in Kiev and the reconstruction of the museum-reserve TG Shevchenko in Kanev.

Harmony Business environment and urban infrastructure

It is estimated member of the Architectural Board of Kiev, the project business center "Crystal" can be regarded as one of the finest examples of modern architecture, the business capital of the XXI century, a kind of business development model and an example of harmonious adaptation of modern technologies in the existing urban environment.

Уultra-modern level of business life

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