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About the Business Center 

Aт indisputable advantage of the Business Center is its automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning control system that relies on the use of Lennox heat pumps (USA), which allows us to completely abandon the use of municipal heat supply and autonomously ensure the building’s climate regime.

11,500 sq.m.
total area of the business center
total area of the offices
Conference center
Extensive options for efficient work
Crystal Conference
Crystal Business Center provides you with modern conference rooms
Conference rooms
"Training room", 80 sq.m. for 50 seats and "Meeting room", 32 sq.m. for 15 seats.
Cafe "Matteo"
Matteo offers traditional home cooking for business lunches and coffee breaks.
Infrastructure for residents
Crystal Business Center has a number of architectural merits as well as unique engineering solutions
Lounge zones
Business Center offers lounge zones for its residents and visitors
Engineering solutions
Best technologies for your comfort

Crystal Business Center rightfully deserves its high grade not only for its architectural merits, but also for its unique engineering solutions, which allow us to refer to it as the first eco-office in Kyiv and a true “smart house”. Automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning control systems that rely on the use of Lennox heat pumps (USA) allow us to completely abandon the use of municipal heat supply and autonomously ensure the building’s climate regime.

Light space
The use of AGC azure façade glass with a celestial tint creates a unique atmosphere of harmony and a favorable business environment. It should be noted that this glass is twice as good as brick partitions in terms of thermal conductivity. - Control and economy - Japanese AGC façade glass Phoenix Azure, product line of 2011 - Lennox heat pumps - six-time hourly air exchange - built-in transformer substation - German LM high-speed lifts
Control and economy
Crystal Business Center is equipped with automated electricity (Automated System of Commercial Electricity Metering) and water use control systems, which allows us to significantly optimize the cost of maintaining the office and get substantial savings. The energy used for heating the outside air is saved by 50%. The building also has an automated fire extinguishing system.
Heat pumps
To maintain the room temperature and the required amount of air exchange, the building is equipped with ducted air conditioners K1-K45 from Lennox (USA) with a heat pump function, completed with a heat recovery section PV-1PV-45. When the ambient temperature is -5°C, the air conditioners work in the heat pump mode. When the temperature is -15°C, heat pump mode with heating in electric heaters (if necessary); when the ambient temperature is -15°C and below, only electric heaters work.
Fresh and clean air all the time
Air compressor condensing units are placed on the platforms on the building roof. The room temperature is regulated by air conditioners at the level of ±2°С from the set one. For more precise room temperature control, you can additionally install area control. Duct fans take air from bathrooms and amenity rooms into the shafts and throw it out above the roof level. Other rooms have electric convectors.
Possibility of independent office designing
Unique engineering solutions, competent interior planning based on the open space principle, which makes it possible for tenants to independently design their office.
Modern lift
The modern lift in Crystal Business Center has proven itself as a reliable and safe technology with a beautiful and pleasant design, ideal for buildings with enhanced comfort. The elegant design of the lift creates additional comfort during the ride between floors.
24/7 video surveillance and security
The territory of Crystal Business Center has round-the-clock video surveillance of the building perimeter, public areas, as well as surface and underground parking lots. All received information is centrally displayed on the control room monitors.
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Building improvement
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